Newbie-questions + "Multi-Network-Currency" & exchange

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Newbie-questions + "Multi-Network-Currency" & exchange

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Hello to all from Austria at first!

I´m evaluating Cyclos 4 pro at the moment in general and did not install any demo version.

Although it was possible to find out a lot about the software, some "Newbie-questions" are still open:

A) For an better understanding it would be very helpful in getting an overview about the data-structure and the table/field-descriptions. Is there a possibility to view them anywhere or is one community member willing to send me the information about?

B) We plan to setup - powered by one organization - different independent regional networks, each with an own regional currency. But over all them we want to set a general currency, which is defined in each network additional. The exchange rate from the general currency to the regional currencies will always be 1:1.

People could be member in more than one network. How is it possible for such people to transfer values via the general currency from one network into another network?

C) On these "Multi-Network-Members" the next question concerns the handling via mobile-phone-apps: Is it possible to use them with multi-accounts?

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D) I would like to use a existing database with GEO-Data (countries/states/regions/ZIP/streets...) - any possibility to integrate this data?

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Thank you very much for enlighten me! :-)

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