Inbound and out bound sms urls

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Inbound and out bound sms urls

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In my network, Titanps (, I have a main configuration (eg, Kofi) and other sub-configurations (eg, Ama and Jojo).

The inbound sms url for the main configuration (Kofi) is: However, the inbound sms url for the sub-configurations are:

Which of the inbound sms url is correct? I have sent several sms to the sms gateway provider and they have confirmed receiving them but are unable to forward them to cyclos because our inbound sms url is invalid.

In the sms quick steps wiki, the instructions regarding inbound sms url for your domain is, however, in the example given, the inbound sms url is given as Which of the urls is correct??

Secondly, I have created users under both configurations and attached products and have set them up to trade using sms and also to receive sms notifications.

The challenge now is that we can not even enable phones for sms. Sms gateway provider receives messages (verification code) from cyclos but the phone parameter (recipient) is always left out so it unable to send the message to the destination phone.

Could any one assist me?

Thank you,

This is my out bound sms url (sms gateway provider url): ... {recipient}
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