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Shopping Cart

Post by Wellsm »

Can you please advise if Cyclos 4 has a Shopping Cart facility?

We have set up a Community that has several users.
Each user can search advertisements from other users.
We would like to use a 'shopping cart' function that will enable the users to purchase items from one another via a shopping cart, and use funds from the Cyclos Bank account for payment.
Is this function available within Cyclos? If so, can you please provide a checklist of things that I should check to enable this function.

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Re: Shopping Cart

Post by cycloshost »

Yes, users can publish their advertisments and other users can purchase items from one another using the funds from an account and a currency that is previously set up by the admin. All the features of the shopping cart are documented here: ... e_list.pdf

If you want to learn how to administrate Cyclos 4 on your own, this is the place to start:

If you need professional support for your community, you can sign up here with the support company of your choice:

Cyclos administration and hosting

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Re: Shopping Cart

Post by rmvanarkel »

One little addition: you need to upgrade your network before you can configure shopping carts:

Or you can contact one of the hosting companies to configure it for you.

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