Hudson Valley Current is growing/and a question

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Hudson Valley Current is growing/and a question

Post by HVCurrent »

Our implementation of Cyclos4Communities here in the Hudson Valley of New York is developing well in our beta test. We have 19 members today.

One question: does anyone know if it is possible to copy internal messages to the member's email address? We recently sent an external email (MailChimp) to all the beta testers, and we asked them to look at a message in the internal cyclos system. We did this to encourage them to get used to using the internal messaging system, but we thought it might also be helpful to be able to send a copy of any internal message to a designated email address.

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Re: Hudson Valley Current is growing/and a question

Post by rmvanarkel »

Good to hear that your system is growing, I hope Cyclos provides what you need!
Yes this is possible, go to the members notification settings and there you can check the option "Forward internal messages to your email address".

It is also possible to set this as a default for all users, but then you need to upgrade your network (, then you can go to the product used for members and select "Enabled and default" under "Forward internal messages as email".

Enjoy using Cyclos!

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