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change the page with contact information

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 6:50 am
by rinke
How can I change the page with contact information for our organization?
The file with contact information (Help > contact in the user interface main menu) can be located at pages/general/translation_files/static_files/en_US/contact.jsp for the english version (for other languages, replace the en_US with your language/country-code, for example nl_NL for the Netherlands.)

You are completely free to put whatever information you want into this file. You can use simple html-tags for having a basic lay-out in this file.

Another file which could be used for some organizational information is the help file of the login page, to be found at pages/general/translation_files/help_windows/en_US/login_page.jsp. We advice however to keep this file for specific tips on logging in; you can however add an email-address or telephone number in the text, if you want.