Clear transactions?

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Clear transactions?

Post by Kaven »

we are moving from testing to "production" usage of cyclos 3.7.3 . I wanted to clear all transactions and reset account balance, but otherwise keep all settings, acounts, members etc. intact. With help of well known clean db script I successfully cleared invoices, invoice payments, tickets etc and finally transfers. In cyclos all such things disappears and everything is working (which is good) with one exception - account balances are still showing the same numbers as before, even if there is no transaction left.

I want to ask how is it possible to remove all transactions AND zero balances? Manual says that balance is not stored anywhere and is always counted, so it seems to me that system is still using some cached values. I tried removing WEB-INF/indexes (WEB-INF/caches is not there) and restart server, but it did not help. I did not find anything more that I could try.
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Re: Clear transactions?

Post by nzjustinc »

How I do it... set the database to exactly how you want it... accounts, units, transactions... everything you can think of... then save the database as a backup file. Then launch with members,etc and if you ever want to start a clean slate dump it and reinstall your backup.

If you want to retain your members as well I guessing that you would have to do it straight from mysql database by export/import the members sections...Its a guess as I haven't needed to do this part before. 8)
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