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How to report an installation problem

Posted: Fri May 13, 2005 10:47 am
by hugovanderzee
To make is easier for us to help out with installation problems it would be good to provide the following information:

What is installation package of Cyclos
What is version of Cyclos
What is the operation system + version you are using?
What is the version of Java?
What is the version of Tomcat?
What is the version of MySQL?
What is the exact error? (a stacktrace from the tomcat catalina.out log is always helpfull)
What did you do that caused the error? (what action)

Before reporting an installation problem please check first that:
- The MySQL database been created correctly (with both scripts)
- The file (see install documentation) has the correct entries. Does it point to the correct database? Does the mysql user has the correct permissions? (a good idea is to check this manually from a mysql client)

Note1: Many of the problems that have been reported where due to not supported versions (see installation documentation) and incorrect permissions for msyql.

Note2: Be aware that the forum is intended for user-to-user communication. Due to the lack of resources the Cyclos development team can only handle the bug reports. For support issues please read the Support page.

Note3: Please not reply to this post