Stress testing and Hosting information required

Any issue about installation and configuration of the Cyclos software

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Stress testing and Hosting information required

Post by Jay »

Hi ,
This is My First post , i am an silent follower from long time learning the process of CYCLOS .
CYCLOS is an an great software thanks to CYCLOS Team making it open source.

Question on Stress/Capacity handling in LIVE envirnoment

1)Can cyclos handle around 10,000 to 50,000 users concurrent ? If no how to achieve it ?
2)Can cyclos process around 300 SMS/sec, (note:its seconds) requests from my SMS Service provider and update the accounts?
3)Can cyclos handle both the services web + sms with above mentioned numbers without any issue?
4)An member is subscribed to all 4 channels (POSWEB,WEBSHOP,WAP+SMS), if he makes an transaction at same like would cyclos handle this situation?
5)Hugo has done the stress testing with 300 concurrent users as per posts before ..any latest progress on it by admin/hugo ?

Question on HOSTING :

1)I see many people are asking for best hosting , so has /anyone gone live with succefully in ease .handling concurrent users ?
2)Could you please share which is the best hosting for such an big concurent users ?
3)In my mind i have chosen cloud computing with Amazon, has anyone tried with it and worked well?
4)If we chose PAY AS YOU option it seems to be cheaper than Dedicated servers ?
5)please let me know if any user has faced any problem with amazon? any installation guide with amazon would be quite helpfull .
6)Hosting on cloud , believe there is no memory and load issue , we can upgrade it by increasing the load balancer and database ? am i correct?

I have many questions in mind ..but guess its too much to ask at same time
Please do the needfull

My current status on my CYCLOS project : still learning the functionalities of CYCLOS :D .
1)Local installation is working great.
2)SMS is 60 % working (still learning).
3)stress testing , learning the Back-up , security and functioanlity pending.
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Re: Stress testing and Hosting information required

Post by admin »


We have run various tests. You can find the result here (see links to pdf files) ... ce_testing

The performance depends on many factors. For example hardware, network infrastructure, software versions, the channel that is used, what type actions your users will do etc. Therefore we cannot give precise answers to your questions.

A good approach is to make first an estimation of the load and the typical use. Be aware that the amount of 'concurrent users' depends also on many factors. For example how people are connecting, what the delay is between operations etc.
So you will also have to make some definition of your 'concurrent users'
Here some sites that can help with that: ... testUsers/ ... n-support/

Then you will need a test environment and a test database. Here you can find documentation on how to do that. ... Testbed.29

About the hosting questions.
This depends also very much on the type of project. How much resources you have for example, and if you have an technician, the requirements for high availability etc. For large projects you probably want to set up a cluster. This can have an influence on performance.
(for cluster documentation see: ... Clustering)

Hope this helps

Re: Stress testing and Hosting information required

Post by Jay »

Hi ,

About Performance testing ,
i am very happy with the answers and links ,have to study all again .
Can feel the effort of testing you done to make such great CYCLOS package.

About Hosting ,
The link helped me with an idea of increasing the performance with hosting company and confirguation .

However still like to know from the real users , how they have done and what's the status of their project ?
Has anyone implemented on CLOUD (Amazon), are they satisfied with it and what's price /month ?

Conclusion : i thought my progress on my CYCLOS project was 60 % , after seeing your response i mark it as 30 % :lol:
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Re: Stress testing and Hosting information required

Post by Stuart »

Hello Jay

Can you update us on your progress with the deployment - Did you go with Amazon ? How is it working?

Thank you
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