Additional vertical menu not yet working

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Additional vertical menu not yet working

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We would like to avoid to use an additional CMS for showing basic information. We followed the guidelines at ... s#Link_bar to have some menu items. The files top.jsp and login.jsp have been adopted.

An additional admin group "Editor" has been added with the additional fields required, and a new admin user "CMSeditor" has been assigned to that group, content has been filled. Unfortunately, the menu does not show up, neither in the login screen nor in the intial group for a member who logged in.

What does "Replace ID with the group id used to the registration form" exactly mean? We would like to have the menu visible for all groups. For now we entered the group where members belong, but still no success.

And the fields must not be hidden: I could not find any place to toggle hidden/unhidden for the additional fields. Did I miss something?
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